Beeches Tunes

So - here's a fair chunk of our tunes - variously recorded over the years. Some were done in a proper studio and some in the practice room with Andy twiddling the knobs.

Demo's and bits and bobs.

Here's some work in progress and new stuff.

Sunburst (Demo Version)

This was recorded in the practice room. Sounds like the whole thing could fall apart at any second - not sure how we manage to keep it together.

I'm Done (Demo)

Andy's done the lot here. It's really rather good. He's been threatening to replace the band with computers for some time now and it sounds like it could be a massive improvement.

Lots of bits and bobs

Then We're Agreed (2005)

I Need More - EP (2007)

"These guys suck."

Steve Honest (producer of first album)